Barrier Pex



Abrasion Resistance 

Compared to non cross-linked polyethylene, GBT PEX is more resistant to cutting and scratching which may be incurred during the assembly process, service or home repair environment. It also resists degradation in moving/torsion environments, such as the door hinge.

Taste and Odor                               

GBT PEX has been specifically formulated to provide superior taste and odor performance as compared to competing materials. This superior performance has been proven by tests conducted by two appliance manufactures, a major beverage manufacturer, and a plumbing component manufacture.

Chemical Resistance                      

GBT PEX resists attacks by chlorine, cleaning products (particularly chlorine and ammonia based) and foaming insulation chemicals. Chlorine can attack non cross-linked materials, causing scoring, leading to cracking and embrittlement associated with field failures.

Improved Mechanical Properties       

Higher continuous pressure and burst capability permits the elimination of isolation valves and reduces service costs.

Kink Resistance and Recovery 

GBT PEX resists kinking better than non cross-linked products. Kink recovery is also noticeably improved. Long term negative effect of the kinking is negliable in PEX while other materials can be kink stressed, possibly leading to eventual failure.

Creep Resistance                           

Creep, particularly at heat age temperatures and pressures, can contribute to leak failures under pressure. GBT PEX's superior creep performance meets this requirement.


GBT PEX is capable of withstanding the expansion of a freeze condition and will return to its original appearance upon warming.

Heat Resistance                             

GBT PEX resists degradation and softening due to heat.

Long Service Life

Formulated for the demands of the plumbing industry, GBT PEX has a long service life.

GBT PEX Plumbing Tubing Listings and Approvals