The manufacturing process starts with the most technically advanced automated EPS moulding equipment in North America. The combination of expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation one of the highest performing energy efficient insulation material available today, moulded to the High impact polystyrene film. This combination makes for a strong resilient interlocking PEX panel.

The panel nubs form a “mushroom” shape to lock the PEX piping firmly in place. The PEX piping is easily inserted into the panel simply by walking on the tube. Once inserted the pipe will be properly positioned and seated into the panel. The innovative patented panel design ensures that the tube will be completely encased in concrete and not pushed to the bottom of the panel as some competitive product do. This will allow for the proper heat distribution of the radiant tubing and more efficient energy transfer.

The Amvic Insulated Panel for Radiant Heating panel is available in both residential and commercial styles. The residential panel is made using Type II (1.5 lb. / ft³ density) with R values of R10, R12, and R14 and the commercial panel is manufactured using Type IX (2.0 lb. /Ft³ density) with R-values R11, R13 and R15.

The oversized, four sided tongue and grove interlock system makes for quick, easy and secure installation. The unique patented design of the PEX nubs will accept pex pipe sizes of 3/8”, ½”, 5/8”, ¾” and one of the very few insulated radiant PEX panels on the market to accept 1” pex piping which is most commonly used in Commercial applications.

The Amvic Insulated Panel for Radiant Heating is designed to save time and labor cost with the installation and preform more energy efficiently once installed.