Elements of the Oasis ES
Personalized Performance

Keep the remote close by, and MRCOOL Oasis will track the air temperature around you ensuring maximum comfort

Like Clockwork

You can set MRCOOL Oasis to start or stop operation automatically according to your personalized schedule. This will save energy and time.

How do you like it?

You can set airflow to personal preference, or allow MRCOOL Oasis to automatically distribute air evenly throughout the space.

Smooth running in any temperature.

Need to keep a hot kitchen or computer room cool even in bad weather? Low ambient cooling will prevent heat exchanger frosting all winter long.

Immediate Relief

When you need air comfort as soon as possible, Turbo will help you get there quickly.

Automatic Convenience

In the event of a power outage, MRCOOL Oasis restarts automatically when the power returns without you having to lift a finger.

Protecting Your Investment

MRCOOL Oasis automatically detects when internal coolant levels drop too low. It will alert you to the problem before the compressor is damaged or air comfort degrades.

24-Hour Comfort

We made Sleep Mode easy to program to save money, and let you sleep a little easier.


Interior air comfort is wonderful, but not if a loud compressor keeps you up at night. MRCOOL Premier runs efficiently, effectively, and quietly all at the same time.

Airflow Customization

Set the louver to direct the air exactly where you want it to flow. MRCOOL Oasis will remember your preferences, and set the louver accordingly every time you turn it on.