Honeywell Electric Floor Stat TH114-AF-GA

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TH114-AF-GA Non programmable thermostat with On/Standby switch, temperature range: 5C/40F to 30C/86F. Displays temp in C or F and includes vacation mode, GFCI indicator, and floor sensor. King electronic thermostats are designed to achieve maximum comfort from King cable heating systems. Common feature to all models include: Three choices of temperature control, ambient air temperature, floor temperature or ambient air with floor limits. Advanced microprocessor optimizes performance by proportionally controlling the wattage to the cable saving energy and maintaining very accurate temperature control within ±1-Degree F, 0.5C. Designed for maximum safety, they all include a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). A single touch activates the backlight display indicating the current set point. They are multi-volt and can be installed on 120, 208, and 240-Volt circuits.